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Oldtimer Ford
EUR 500.000,-
6.000 km, 118 kW (160 CV), 1ère mise en circulation 01.01.79, Véhicule de collection, Essence, Automatique, Berline, 4 Nombre de portes, 1 Anciens propriétaires, Numéro d'annonce 260068395
Vitres électriques, Air conditionnée, Cuir, Direction assistée, Fermeture centralisée, Toit ouvrant coulissant mécanique
Informations complémentaires:
Ford Lincoln Continental from the possession of Pope Johannes Paul II.\\\\**History:**\\\\Ford Lincoln Continental S.C.V.1 from the provenance of his holiness, the pope Johannes Paul II.\\\\After his journey across the USA in 1979 pope Johannes Paul II. received the brand new white Ford Lincoln Continental as a gift\\This was well documented in various press articles in germany, which are available.The car was subsequently imported into the state of Vatican and registered S.C.V.1 to the Vatican government.The governments confirmation is available.\\His holiness later donated the car to the caritas in rome and on his order the car was sold and the obtained funds should be given to the refugees aid of Kampuchea.Caritas sold the car on behalf of the pope to a rome based car dealership.The purchaser of the pope Lincoln, Mr.Marco Berti, in turn sold the car to a german car dealership and the vehicle was delivered and imported into Germany.\\In 1980 the car was sold in Germany and found its way to the now vendor already in 1988.The history of the pope Lincoln is fully documented.\\The car presents itself in immaculate original condition showing only a nominal mileage of 6000 miles.\\Without any doubt, this is an important historical collectors item from the provenance of the late Pope johannes Paul II.\\This vehicle, as well as its phenomental important history, which already during Johannes Paul?s lifetime draw the attention of the media worldwide, is surely second to none\\\\**WENN NOCH WEITERE FAHRZEUGE DIESER ART INTERESSANT SEIN SOLLTEN BITTE EINFACH FANTASTISCHE FAHRZEUGE GOOGLE?N. WIR SIND SOFORT DER ERSTE EINTRAG! Telefonischer Kontakt wird sofort bearbeitet. E-mails dauern etwas länger. (Bitte eigene Telefonnummer angeben) Verkauf im Kundenauftrag! Irrtümer vorbehalten.**,
Adresse du vendeur:

Fantastische Fahrzeuge 

Niederrheinstrasse 211
40474 Düsseldorf

Tel:  0211 322809
Fax:  0211 322899
Préfixe international
Albania Allemagne: 0049
140 Véhicules


Oldtimer Ford
Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford

Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford

Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford Oldtimer Ford

Oldtimer Ford
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